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HI FRIENDS There Were This Three Dull Student That Were Preparing For There Exam.So They Went To An Herberlist(Witch Doctor) To Help Them Prepare Some Charms For Them .Then He Told Them That If They Want Too Pass Their Exam They Must Not Talk To Any Body Until The Day They Are Starting The Exam.So On The Day Of Resumption Or The Day Are Going To Their exam si . They Entered A Vehicle Nd Paid Their Money When They Were About To Alight From The Vehicle The First One Said Conductor Where Is My Change,The Second One Said Didn't U Heard What The Herberlist Said,The Third One Shouted Excitedlyw Saying Thank God Me I Didn't Talkooo! PLS FRIENDS AMONG THE THREE OF THE M WHO DID TALK ND WHO IS GOING TO PASS THEIR EXAM.
  • fyne j

    if realy dat d charm can make d pass d i thxk d first wl cuz if i got u wel d herbalist said der should nt talk to each other n nt to anybody n she tolked bt to d conductor nt to her frnds bt d frnds answered to her
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    lolzz i think their very smart

    NONE WILL PASS 4rom yur statment dy ar dull bt i tink dy ar not only dull dy ar very very foolish 2